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Artwork from Evelinn Enoksen for The Reluctant Prophet

I have been feeling very blessed of late and this week has been a spectacular one for me. The multi-talented, Evelinn Enoksen, an artist and author from Norway, has been busy working on some amazing artwork inspired by, The Reluctant Prophet. The work leaves me speechless, something that doesn’t often happen to me. The work speaks for itself and I am delighted to share the scenes painted by her adept hands! Thank you Evelinn!

If you’d like to check out more artwork from this amazing woman, check out Evelinn’s website!


Esther and Hadrian

Esther and Hadrian 3


Broderick 1

Esther and Lo

Esther and LO

Esther and Darius

Esther and Darius


Out of the Dark . . . A Journey into the Realm of Gothic Art

This week as part of the Bandit Book Bloggers’ tours, I am promoting the book, Out of the Dark, which includes beautiful contemporary gothic artworks by various and very talented artists.

Out of the Dark

Contemporary Gothic Art

Edited by Hazel Butler

Containing over two hundred images, and contributions from thirty-two artists from around the world, Out of the Dark is a veritable cornucopia of Gothic delight. Fifteen chapters, each packed with vibrant images, and pithy descriptions,  showcase some of Gothic Art’s favourite themes, from Death to Lovers, Hauntings to Winter, and Lolitas to Lost Boys.

Many images are accompanied by commentaries from the artists, detailing their inspirations and methods, and why certain pieces mean so much to them.

The central feature of the book is a sixteen page spread on favourite Alternative model, Maria Amanda Schaub, including a biography, a selection of her favourite art pieces, and why she loves them so much.

Here are a few samples from the book, with the biographies of the talented artists.

Ookami, by Tim Lord

Tim Lord is a traditional UK artist who tries to convey all aspects of life in his work:  beauty and pain, fear and joy, life and death.


Night Bloom, by Evelinn Enoksen

Evelinn Enoksen lives in Norway with her husband and children. She’s a Norwegian, but has roots in New Zealand. Coming from a long line of writers and artists she was encouraged from an early age to explore these talents. Her parents often criticised her work when she was young and dared her to do better. Because of that, she has always striven for perfection.
Evelinn has a great love of fantasy and science fiction and grew up watching Star Trek and reading Asimov, and sees now how much her past has influenced her present, and will continue to do so in the future. She finds inspiration in everything, and  has always been drawn to what is dark and mysterious, ominous and occult, although she’s not sure why; she considers herself to be a very happy person, and wonders if it is her darker side that influences her creativity, working as a kind of therapy. She says, ‘There are few things more fun in life than being able to create.’  Her debut novel, Guardians of Evion, was released in 2013.


The Lady of the Crows, by Whendell de Souza Lira

Whendell de Souza Lira lives in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. He has always been passionate about all forms of art. He loves to create different and impossible things; with Photoshop it is possible for anything to become a reality. He is inspired by music, films, people and especially the beauty of nature. He is currently at college studying graphic design,

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Book Cover Reveal

It’s an exciting time when you start talking about ideas for the cover of your book.  And for me, being so fortunate that I had some say in it.  The delightful Sammy HK Smith of Kristell Ink, seemed to be in a similar vein of thinking when we were discussing the same for my forthcoming novel, The Reluctant Prophet.

The ideas were brought to the lovely Evelinn Enoksen, an artist and author in her own right.  The very talented Evelinn came back with the amazing piece of artwork shown below.  Ken Dawson, another creative genius, came up with the idea for the fonts.

With that short and sweet introduction, I am very excited and happy to share with you the cover for The Reluctant Prophet!


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These are the other fab covers for the fab authors of Kristell Ink.  We make a pretty bunch, don’t we?