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Plain ol’ post on Editing and my Experience. (And one small plug for an awesome Editor)

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything myself, but today I found myself thinking about last summer, when I was about to sit down with my editor to work on editing my novel. Recalling how nervous I had been, with all the usual worries about whether it would need a lot of work, whether it was good enough, if my editor would like my novel . . . In hindsight (and isn’t it a great thing?), I didn’t need to be overly anxious about anything because Zoe put me at ease fairly quickly. Straight forward, thinking outside the box, understanding; Zoe was all these things and most importantly, honest, about what needed to be chopped, tightened and expanded upon. And of course, it did take work – a little love and care – to bring the story together. But in saying that, we worked so well together that editing my debut novel was a joy. I didn’t think I would enjoy the process, but seeing the story grow with a little nurturing was a remarkable thing and my mind(and trepidation) was changed!  

I have a great respect for my editor, Zoe Harris. Not only is the talented Zoe the Editorial Director of Grimbold Books, but she works as an editor to her own company, The Book Polishers, which offers editing, proofreading and copy writing services. (Any authors out there looking for an awesome editor???) And to top it off, the multi-talented lady moonlights as an author in her own right! 

I think its pretty evident that the experience I had editing my novel was a very positive one. In being so fortunate, I will be cheeky by adding that I’m hoping Zoe will enjoy working on the next novel with me! (Even if it needs at least 20k cut from it again . . .)