Books for Christmas

Paige Daniels, author of the Non-compliance series, has recommended a few books to read over this lovely festive season. If your into sci-fi and fantasy, check them out!

The Nerdy Paige

T-minus sixteen days until the big ‘C’! Christmas that is. We’re quickly approaching full-on-panic mode time, but don’t despair I have some Christmas ideas for you. Books! Yes, books, for less than the price of a double venti vanilla soy hot mocha with a shot of raspberry and spritz of whip cream you can be hurled away into far away lands with dragons, be thrust in the middle of a tangled murder mystery, or ride the high seas with pirates and pterodactyls. That sounds like a pretty awesome gift if you ask me. I have a few suggestion of Indie Books, you know, some great authors who aren’t signed to major labels, but are still pretty stinkin’ talented. My goal is to give a little air time to authors who you may’ve never heard of. I’m going to try my best to categorize these books into themes you might be…

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Free Books from Grimbold – “The Book of Prophecy” And “Dollywagglers”!

“Dollywagglers” and “The Book of Prophecy” are currently free on Amazon!

Joanne Hall

Heads up! Those nice people at Grimbold books have a pre-Christmas treat for you.

Both “Dollywagglers” by Frances Kay, and “The Book of Prophecy” by Steven J Guscott are FREE on Kindle from Amazon UK (and possibly other Amazons 😉 ) at the moment, if you’d care to grab a copy.

“Dollywagglers” is the first novel from Grimbold’s Dark Fantasy imprint Tenebris, and it’s deliciously creepy. If you’re unnerved by puppets this will send a shiver right through you…

Dollywagglers cover

‘At the order to fire, they fired. Real bullets, it would seem. The politicians crumpled, twitched, and sagged to the ground, in a manner familiar to devotees of leftwing arthouse movies. Then the eyes of the squad turned towards me.’
After the plague, most of us are dead, and some of the survivors aren’t behaving very well. But we can still have a laugh, can’t we? Letting go is for softies…

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Suspense Novel “Liars’ Games” is on Free Promo–Get Your Copy

There’s only a couple of days left in this Promo, but Susan Finlay’s suspense novel, ‘Liar’s Games’ is currently FREE on Amazon!

Donkey Sense, a Middle-School Novel – Sneak Peak at the Cover

Dean Lombardo’s cover reveal for his middle-school aged book, Donkey Sense!

Dean's Den

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to share a first look at the cover of my latest novel, “Donkey Sense,” a story for middle-school ages and up.

Donkey Sense takes you into the thoughts and senses of a bullied eleven-year-old boy named Timmy Unterkanz. Already having suffered the death of his father, red-haired Timmy is nicknamed “Shrimpo Underpants” and teased and bullied by kids at school in the new Pennsylvania town where he and his mother have just moved.

Inspired by the yarn-spinning humor of Mark Twain, Donkey Sense is both a Cinderella story and a slice of harsh reality. In the natural world, we don’t have fairy godmothers or wizards to protect us from bullies. However … WINK … once in a while an animal will emerge to soothe, teach and strengthen us. In Donkey Sense, Pedro, the feisty and magical donkey, provides Timmy finds a special friend…

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The paperback edition of The Reluctant Prophet is currently on sale for a bargain £3.34 on AMAZON UK! What a brilliant deal! I’m sure it won’t last long, so get in there quickly.


“Atlantis and the Game of Time” by K M Alford – Out Today via Kristell Ink

Katie Alford’s book is released today!

Joanne Hall

Atlantis coverFrom the dingy annals of human prehistory, a new culture emerges.
Like the Atlantians, they too can travel through time, but these are no passive, desk-soft anthropologists, and they will not be satisfied with coexistence. They desire to absorb, to assimilate, and will crush any civilisation that stands against them. The Atlantians know the price of complicity is too high; they will not risk the annihilation of human advancement, culture, art, and freedom. Instead, they send their overworked operative, Professor Lokyne, and a select group of book-loving, academic activists to face this new enemy. Atlantis’s only hope is that they can employ their research and cultural integration skills to study their new enemy, find a weakness, and then strike from within. Only then can they hope to bring down this parasitic new civilisation and return the flow of time to its normal course.

Atlantis and The Game of Time 

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We Did It! Grimbold Kickstarter is 115% Funded – Now For The Stretch Goals!

Grimbold Kickstarter has reached its goal! Amazing!

Joanne Hall

Thank you so so much to all of you who have shared posts, retweeted, liked, and pledged to the Grimbold Kickstarter – you are all stars.

The great news is that we are now 115% funded with an incredible £3248, and we still have 22 days to go, so if you haven’t pledged yet you haven’t missed out! This means the funding is guaranteed and Grimbold can do all sorts of incredible things that you will love, that were simply out of reach before, and that’s all down to YOU – give yourself a round of applause 🙂

And that’s not all. Sammy has announced a series of stretch goals to aim for, so yet again, every pound you pledge really will be going towards something good and important.

Stretch Goals

£3800 – Guarantee all our present and future titles for the partially sighted with large print editions and audiobooks…

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