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A Tall Story – A new short tale.

It has all sorts of wonderful things to be learned! Have a wee look if you like.  It’s called, A Tall Story.  Esmeralda decides to teach her class a lesson they’ll never forget! Just press the link and enjoy!



The Weeping Willow

It’s just been one of those weeks, where everything I’ve touched seems to break!  Apart from a long week at work, breaking the work bus then breaking half the things at home today, I was starting to get a little paranoid and frustrated with myself.  

So I sat down today and decided to write out my frustrations with another short story.  It’s a fantasy and perhaps a little on the dark side, but it certainly suits my mood today.  And having written, my mood is just about back to its usual cheerful self.  So take a look if you dare, at The Weeping Willow.  I hope you all enjoy. 

Another short story!

I have another short story, or I should say the first part of one written.  As always, I would love some feedback if anyone is interested in having a wee gander at it.  It is called Someone I used to know…  Happy reading folks!

Short Story


I’m attempting to add a few lil’ interesting bits to my website.  Since I’m not so brilliant at the blogging, hopefully I’ll be a little better at the story end of things!  I’m currently suffering a cold, so I shall blame my inspiration on Sudafed and Panadol!  But I’m pretty happy with my first attempt and I hope everyone else will be too.

You can check out REFLECTIONS in my short story section.  It’s inspired by the Swan Princess.  Would love any feedback/constructive criticism.