It’s a very exciting day as the cover for my second novel, The Sinner’s Daughter is revealed today! The Sinner’s Daughter is set about twenty years after the events in The Reluctant Prophet, and follows the story of Tamryn. There may be a few characters from book one making an appearance!

The very talented Evelinn Enoksen created the artwork and she has captured the feel of the book beautifully. In keeping with book one’s look, the lovely Ken Dawson has created the amazing font.

Has it captured your imagination as it has mine?

TSD Cover 1

And here’s a taster blurb (a work in progress) for any curious reader out there!

“The will of the Gods . . .”

One fateful night will change Tamryn of Locke’s life forever.

Abducted on the night of their brother’s crowning, Tamryn and her half-brother Darius are taken to the land of their peoples’ age old and bitter enemy, the Orvaen. Relying on wit, courage and faith, Tamryn and Darius must stand with pride before an enemy Queen who despises and wishes to destroy them.

But for Tamryn, a bargain made with her Gods to free her brother deals a cruel hand. One that leaves her questioning everything she thought of the Gods and their dealings with those faithful to them.

Having to put her trust in the enemy for survival, Tamryn embarks on a dangerous adventure through a land that will change her. The Orvaen have a God and a belief of their own, and an omen of a time long gone shadows Tamryn’s every step. It is an omen that threatens to fracture the future of Orvaen, which is on the verge of a bloody civil war, as well as a war with Sinnotia, a realm determined to exact revenge for the abduction of its most gifted nobles.

For Tamryn, her hopes to return home are simple. But she knows that following her heart might not be the fate her Gods want for her, and her decision might put their complex machinations in jeopardy.

All the while, creeping in the shadows, a malevolent force grows in strength, and is ready to exert its own desires upon an unsuspecting world . . .

2 responses to “COVER REVEAL!

  1. Lovely cover! I thought the first book had an axcellent cover too.

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