Free Books from Grimbold – “The Book of Prophecy” And “Dollywagglers”!

“Dollywagglers” and “The Book of Prophecy” are currently free on Amazon!

Joanne Hall

Heads up! Those nice people at Grimbold books have a pre-Christmas treat for you.

Both “Dollywagglers” by Frances Kay, and “The Book of Prophecy” by Steven J Guscott are FREE on Kindle from Amazon UK (and possibly other Amazons 😉 ) at the moment, if you’d care to grab a copy.

“Dollywagglers” is the first novel from Grimbold’s Dark Fantasy imprint Tenebris, and it’s deliciously creepy. If you’re unnerved by puppets this will send a shiver right through you…

Dollywagglers cover

‘At the order to fire, they fired. Real bullets, it would seem. The politicians crumpled, twitched, and sagged to the ground, in a manner familiar to devotees of leftwing arthouse movies. Then the eyes of the squad turned towards me.’
After the plague, most of us are dead, and some of the survivors aren’t behaving very well. But we can still have a laugh, can’t we? Letting go is for softies…

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