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“Atlantis and the Game of Time” by K M Alford – Out Today via Kristell Ink

Katie Alford’s book is released today!

Joanne Hall

Atlantis coverFrom the dingy annals of human prehistory, a new culture emerges.
Like the Atlantians, they too can travel through time, but these are no passive, desk-soft anthropologists, and they will not be satisfied with coexistence. They desire to absorb, to assimilate, and will crush any civilisation that stands against them. The Atlantians know the price of complicity is too high; they will not risk the annihilation of human advancement, culture, art, and freedom. Instead, they send their overworked operative, Professor Lokyne, and a select group of book-loving, academic activists to face this new enemy. Atlantis’s only hope is that they can employ their research and cultural integration skills to study their new enemy, find a weakness, and then strike from within. Only then can they hope to bring down this parasitic new civilisation and return the flow of time to its normal course.

Atlantis and The Game of Time 

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We Did It! Grimbold Kickstarter is 115% Funded – Now For The Stretch Goals!

Grimbold Kickstarter has reached its goal! Amazing!

Joanne Hall

Thank you so so much to all of you who have shared posts, retweeted, liked, and pledged to the Grimbold Kickstarter – you are all stars.

The great news is that we are now 115% funded with an incredible £3248, and we still have 22 days to go, so if you haven’t pledged yet you haven’t missed out! This means the funding is guaranteed and Grimbold can do all sorts of incredible things that you will love, that were simply out of reach before, and that’s all down to YOU – give yourself a round of applause 🙂

And that’s not all. Sammy has announced a series of stretch goals to aim for, so yet again, every pound you pledge really will be going towards something good and important.

Stretch Goals

£3800 – Guarantee all our present and future titles for the partially sighted with large print editions and audiobooks…

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The Grimbold Books Kickstarter – What It Means and Why it Matters

Joanne Hall talks about the Grimbold Books Kickstarter Project and why it is so important. Every bit helps!

Joanne Hall

356fohThe deployment of Professor Farnsworth is to celebrate the fact that the Grimbold Kickstarter is over 50% funded with 32 days to go – thank you to everyone who has generously made pledges so far, you’re all awesome. If you haven’t been able to support us yet, well that’s fine too, but if you can find it in your heart to spare a quid or two that would be lovely. Every pound brings us closer to the total and it really does make a difference.

Why it matters.

Aside from the fact that if you pledge you get fabulous rewards, you mean? And you do – pledging as little as a fiver will get you TWO free ebooks from the Grimbold back catalogue, many of which have been reviewed on this here blog, so I can testify to their goodness. The goodies only get better as you scroll down…

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