“Nomad” launch – One Week To Go!

Can’t wait for the release of this book! The first part was such a cliff hanger!

Joanne Hall

aof2cover.jpg.size-230 This time next week I’ll be launching “The Art of Forgetting : Nomad” in Forbidden Planet on The Triangle, Clifton, Bristol. The books are already in store waiting to be signed and purchased, and all they need is YOU! (and me, and neither fire nor torrential downpour nor the machinations of FirstBus will make me late this time). The weather has promised to behave itself, though I can’t say the same for the traffic, and there will be flapjacks and some other variety of cake. Come on down, it will be lovely to see you and the fun kicks off at 1pm on SATURDAY MAY 24th.


Before that there are a couple of other bits and bobs going on. The BristolCon Fringe takes place this coming Monday (the 19th) and features CAVAN SCOTT and JUSTIN NEWLAND.

Justin lies in Somerset and writes historical and supernatural speculative fiction, which he…

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