Authors For The Philippines – Please Bid Generously

This is for a very good cause and a little bid could go a long way in helping people in the Philippines!

Joanne Hall

Author Keris Stainton has organised an online appeal to raise money for the Red Cross relief efforts in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, which has left thousands of people in desperate need of food, shelter and clean water.

This is a great cause, and you can bid on all kinds of unique things offered by authors, so make sure you have a good browse around the site. For example, there’s a signed first edition of The Graveyard Book :

Or you could have your name as a character in Patrick Ness’s next book :

I’m offering 10k of manuscript butchering critique, and a box of eight Kristell Ink paperbacks : – Space Games, Darkspire Reaches, The Reluctant Prophet, Guardians of Evion, Non Compliance : The Sector, Strange Tales from the Scriptorian Vaults, Healer’s Touch, and The Art of Forgetting : Rider, which will be signed –…

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