Interview with Robert “Boss” Jennings. Non-compliance: The Transition

This is Malcolm Murdock reporting live from the Non-Compliance Sector. I’ve been granted a rare interview with Robert “Boss” Jennings, the man reportedly responsible for running the lawless sector. He says he wants a chance to tell his side of the story to us citizens.   

Question: Rumour has it there was trouble in the Sector, that the now notorious Danny Rose may have been responsible for the troubles? For readers, would you care to elaborate?

Answer: Yes, Daniel Rose was responsible for some upheaval in the Sector. He was terrorizing many of our residents and making life more difficult than it already was. As added insult to injury he offered flu vaccine to our residents that was from a recalled lot. Fortunately, we discovered this before people were hurt.

Question: What is involved in running a lawless place such as this?

Answer: You may think of us as lawless, but most of the time things run smoothly over here considering our lack of resources. A community such ours couldn’t exist without mutual respect. I feel it is my job to facilitate our residents’ access to goods necessary for living. I also provide protection for the residents. I provide these services for a minimal feel. The residents are free to accept my services or decline them. I do not feel it is my duty to tell our residents how to live their lives. It’s just simple business for me.

Question: Who do you rely on? Who can you trust?

Answer: As you know we have mercs around town that collect dues and take care of small jobs. However, there is a close knit crew that lives here in compound with me. You’ve written numerous salacious stories about my crew: Ms. Claire Ashborne, Mr. Quinn Knightly, Ms. Shea Kelly, Mr. Conner Dunne, Ms. Wynne Myers, Mr. Gordon Timmons, and of course my lovely companion Ms. Nikki Sweet. They are quite talented and I trust them all with my life. Without them the sector could not run as smoothly as it does.

Question: Have there been any more problems in the Sector? If so, would you care to share with us the troubles you face here and what you do to keep a modicum of order?

Answer: Since we’ve taken Danny down our sector has been quiet. However, in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen an increase in activity from a gang called the Orphans. My crew and I are trying to find a root cause to this problem. Once we find a root cause, it will be imperative that we neutralize it immediately. It might sound harsh, but punishment must be swift and harsh to quell any future disturbances.    

Question: (A man in a suit enters and whispers in Boss’s ear then leaves again) Is that one of your henchmen? What is his role in your organisation?

Answer: Mr. Quinn Knightly is my second in command and he more than just a … henchman. He is responsible for representing me in town and is quite possibly one of the best employees I’ve ever had.


Question: Our readers wish to understand the reasons why you chose not to go ahead with the government chip? What makes that idea so unpalatable to you?

Answer: I will not speak for the sector, but I personally believe giving the government and large corporations such as GlobalThink such control of your life could be … troublesome.

Question: If you could change the world, what would you do to make that change?

Answer: Excellent question, Mr. Murdock. I’ve long since stopped trying to change the world. The world got along just fine before I was here, and it will get along just fine after I die. The best I can hope for is to make my community a little bit better than it was the day before.

(Boss stands, looking distracted as he glances at his watch)

Question: And quickly, sir, before you go, what does the future of the Sector look like?

Answer: I, like the other residents, just live day to day. We are not sure of what the future holds. We are quite content to keep to ourselves. But know that if there is interference we will not stay silent.

If you wish to know more about “Boss” Jennings, or the Non-compliance Sector, check out the novels by Paige Daniels. This cyberpunk sci-fi series can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N (all good book stockists!)

Non-Compliance: The Sector Non-Compliance: The Transition







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