Book Launch Party

Friday 4th October was a very exciting day. The evening heralded the launch party for my book, The Reluctant Prophet (despite the fact its been released a month). To be honest, I was a nervous wreck, with the typical thoughts of, ‘Oh God, no one’s going to turn up’ to ‘No one will buy the book.’ I forgot that I have fabulous family and friends and they quickly reminded me that everything was going to be just fine! The party was held in Cunningham’s Bar, in Kildare in their lovely upstairs room. A big thank you to Rachel and the staff of Cunningham’s for having set the room up so thoughtfully, with the table and stage for the book signings. And a big thank you to family who popped over from Scotland, as well as friends who attended. Especially, Mary, Charlotte and Karen, for the decorations and the wonderful cake!

20131004_193125  20131004_192729 1380143_10201433027602150_1206969406_n

1 – The room set up for the launch. 2 – Karen of Love Sew Much (and great friend) sitting with the cake she made.

3 – The amazing cake. One layer chocolate, one lemon and one choc/biscuit cake. Yum Yum!

20131004_192619 1209179_10201435822552022_1682294477_n 1384046_603491183046270_1330802026_n

1 – Me and the books!  2 – Friend Mary modelling the tote bag! 3 – Friends Charlotte and Peter getting their books signed.




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