Irish Inspiration

Last week, I was interviewed by Glenn Muller of Uncorked Ink. We talk about my forthcoming book, living in Ireland and inspiration. Have a gander!

Uncorked Ink


On the cutting edge without even trying, this week Uncorked Ink talks to Gillian O’Rourke whose fantasy novel, The Reluctant Prophet, is about to be published by Kristell Ink.

UI: Welcome Gilly. Having a novel on the cusp of release is exciting. When did the journey start, and was there a turning point when you knew you had a book worth reading?

GO’R: Hello Uncorked Ink! Firstly, thanks for having me!

The journey with The Reluctant Prophet, started some five years ago, when my main character, Esther, came to mind and although I had no idea where the journey was going to take me I started writing her story. I never actually believed I had a book worth reading – it was just a story with characters that I loved writing about, and it was something I was keeping to myself!

As chance would have it, I had…

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