Book Cover Reveal

It’s an exciting time when you start talking about ideas for the cover of your book.  And for me, being so fortunate that I had some say in it.  The delightful Sammy HK Smith of Kristell Ink, seemed to be in a similar vein of thinking when we were discussing the same for my forthcoming novel, The Reluctant Prophet.

The ideas were brought to the lovely Evelinn Enoksen, an artist and author in her own right.  The very talented Evelinn came back with the amazing piece of artwork shown below.  Ken Dawson, another creative genius, came up with the idea for the fonts.

With that short and sweet introduction, I am very excited and happy to share with you the cover for The Reluctant Prophet!


check more out here:

These are the other fab covers for the fab authors of Kristell Ink.  We make a pretty bunch, don’t we?


6 responses to “Book Cover Reveal

  1. Joanne Garvin

    Oh my god not long now my dear friend. The cover is awesome but the best part is seeing your name printed there in big bold letters. I am so very happy for you and so very proud of you.
    Love always
    Joanne xoxoxoxox

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