Progress Report June (FINALLY!)

After a bit of a dry writing spell, the creative rains fell squarely on me this evening, resulting in a 3000 word deluge (okay – I’m going over the top here, but I’m excited).   For months now, the second book in this series has stayed at a steady mid-80k level, but tonight, I broke the 300 page mark (90k).

My goal for The Sinner’s Daughter was 120k, but that target now seems too near.  It looks like I’m only halfway through what is turning out to be a bit of a whopper! Yikes!  But it matters little, I’m thrilled the story has taken a giant leap forward.

4 responses to “Progress Report June (FINALLY!)

  1. You set yourself pretty stiff goals! If I hit 60k I’m happy. Maybe you should think in terms of two books if it’s getting so huge?

    • It’s actually surprised me. My books are usually 120k long, but for some odd reason this one just wants to keep going! I may reconsider a few plot elements to cut it down!

  2. Thats brilliant Gillian, cant wit to read it!! i agree, rather than crop it and loose plot point, why not make it a dilogy, or even a trilogy 🙂

    • Thanks Karen! If it stays within 150k I will keep it as one, but any more than that and I agree it might have to be split. I guess all I can do is write it and then see what I can do about it! x

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