Nonsensical Ramblings (about writing)….

I guess it’s something that happens to everyone, but there are times when my motivation isn’t where it should be!  I am currently working my way through the second book in a fantasy series and for some inexplicable reason, I’ve hit halfway, wondering if I am going in the right direction with the character and the story.  This never really happens with my stories and even the third book isn’t causing me many problems, but this second book – ugghhh! – I can’t even find the words to describe why I have stalled.  Perhaps it’s the second book curse (or is there such a thing?)  Or maybe I need to stop getting distracted by facebook, twitter and every other social media tool under the sun! (The bane of being a nosey cow!)

Despite it being a bit of a down week in relation to sitting down and actually writing, I have to say that on the positive side, the second book is plotted out in my head and on paper.  Of course, it is changing daily – sometimes these beings you bring to life in your imagination have a tendency of trying to live their lives their own way, and completely feck up the fate you were dishing out to them.  But, I guess I can gently steer them back to my way of thinking (and let them believe it was their idea…)

Or, perhaps I can give in a little and see where it leads?  I suppose that’s the fun of thinking of your characters as real people and living far too much in your own head…

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